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CURE Copernicus Core Services Interface

5th March 2021
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The CURE Copernicus Core Services Interface (CCSI) has been set-up to facilitate fully automated access to Copernicus and other data products, stored in different remote repositories. This platform provides functionalities for the CURE system and CURE cross-cutting applications in order to interact with relevant input data for each developed service and pilot area. This Interface provides a search Application Programming Interface (API), adopting Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) OpenSearch specification. It is used for standard service, facilitating the aggregation of results between disparate data providers and collections. By this API, all registered catalogues can be searched. All received feeds for a given search query are parsed and returned in a standardized form; containing product metadata, geographic information and links for downloadable or mountable content. The application does not provide only the search over cloud-based platforms of DIAS, through which most of the Copernicus datasets are accessible; but also allows to search in third-party resources, such as local city open data APIs, upon their registration into the CCSI. Such APIs can be integrated into the CCSI in the semi-automatic process, if they meet required specification. Further extension of the CCSI into semantic based search, using urban resilience ontology as dedicated transversal service for service providers, is considered.

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